Where Ideas and Mischief Mingle


With 150 unique events since 2006, MindshareLA is an event series and mecca for Angeleno entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, and other creative, forward-thinking characters seeking inspiration and connection. MindshareLA gathers hundreds of Angelenos for events filled with inspiration and interaction. Our salon-style events include short eclectic presentations, amidst interactive experiences, games and colorful performances.



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What’s the History of MindshareLA?

MindshareLA started in Downtown Los Angeles in March 2006 at the Brewery Artists Lofts as an informal forum for people to share their passions, skills and needs. In the years that followed Mindshare LA has gathered thousands of attendees to meet, broaden their perspectives, and expand their circle of connections. Our quarterly flagship events are centered around curated programs of short talks and performances that offer a bridge between people of diverse skills & backgrounds.

MindshareLA has hosted over 150 events and spawned numerous successful companies and countless relationships. From business to romance we believe in creating experiences in which interesting and unexpected things can happen, events "Where Ideas and Mischief Mingle".

What does A MindshareLA EVENT FEEL LIKE?

MindshareLA 2019 “Powering the People” Event / Music Credit: The Great American Show


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“Mindshare’s ballooning popularity is emblematic of a generation steeped in chaos and an unabashed  need for personal fulfillment. If you ever come to LA, come to Mindshare.”  –Fast Company



“Los Angeles, you’re getting smarter. Or acting smarter, anyway. Judging by the runaway success of interdisciplinary idea-jam and the brainy bacchanal of Mindshare LA, the Los Angeles area has become a hub for gatherings that combine the social and the cerebral. It’s a brave new world for upwardly mobile Angelenos who want to simultaneously make business connections, feed their minds and fill out their virtual little black books.” –The LA Times


“A forum for human technology in its most literal form – shared knowledge.  Fueled by fancy pastries, an exceptionally well-stocked bar and a room abuzz with stylish people.” –LA Weekly