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MindshareLA & PUBLIQ Present

Powering the People: Strengthening Democracy and Restoring Rights

February 2nd, 7pm-1am at Cross Campus DTLA


Since 2006 MindshareLA has been a mecca for thousands of designers, technologists, media professionals, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other forward-facing citizens to meet, broaden their perspectives and expand their circle of connections. The evening events are centered around a curated program of short talks and feature lively musical acts and colorful performances.

WHERE: 800 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017

There will be a full bar, light snacks, veggie and non-veggie plates available.


Andrew Mcgregor   MC, Chessboxer, Roboticist and Storyteller

Andrew Mcgregor

MC, Chessboxer, Roboticist and Storyteller

Catherine Geanuracos   CEO & Co-founder, CityGrows

Catherine Geanuracos

CEO & Co-founder, CityGrows

Samy Kamkar   Civil Liberties Technologist

Samy Kamkar

Civil Liberties Technologist

Eric "Helix" Wolfson   Director, Producer & Mayoral Campaign Manager

Eric "Helix" Wolfson

Director, Producer & Mayoral Campaign Manager


For this special event we'll ask several questions. What are some of the biggest challenges that we're facing today?  What emerging solutions could transform these challenges into opportunities? Please join us for an eclectic evening featuring talks by visionary pioneers who are weaving the fabric of technology to embolden democracies and expand human rights around the world. After the talks, attendees get a chance to interact and experience the magic that we're known for  as we celebrate more than a decade of uniquely delightful events!

Entertainment curated by  Amori’s Casino & Burlesque!

Entertainment curated by Amori’s Casino & Burlesque!

Quintessential Wonder Nasty

Quintessential Wonder Nasty

Ursula Gueringer

Ursula Gueringer

DJ Daniellow

DJ Daniellow

Morning Glory

Morning Glory



Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at [January 10]11.13 AM.png

PUBLIQ is reshaping the media industry by enabling censorship free generation, selection and assessment of content. It offers a unique experience where the wealth generated is fairly and exclusively distributed to the network participants. PUBLIQ rebuilds trust in Media by empowering authors and readers to be part of a safe and impartial ecosystem.




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Tech Ladies is a robust and worldwide community with 50,000 members Our mission is to connect you with the best opportunities in tech, and to connect companies with the best techmakers.


Cross Campus’ network of Los Angeles coworking and office spaces allows professionals and creatives the workspace flexibility needed to focus as well as collaborate. Our shared office spaces are open, accessible environments where tech startups, digital media agencies, and freelance professionals from every industry can work together. We have locations in Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Pasadena, and South Bay.




Thanks to THE MINDSHARELA Connectors

Robert Jacobson | Tyler Cannel | Joshua Liberman | Clare Le | Jason Porath | Brent Bushnell | Kurt Daradics | Josh Liberman | Glenn’s Designs | Barrett Morse

The MindshareLA Connectors are a group of individuals that pledge special support for the event and provide connections for our partners and presenters, and each other. Each month we host a dinner for our Connectors either before or after the event.

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