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MindshareLA PresentS

AI & The Rise of the Machine Mind

May 4th, 7pm-1am at Cross Campus santa monica


AI technologies are already helping humanity discover exoplanets, assisting doctors to detect disease with unparalleled speed and accuracy, and debating human opponents with unprecedented skill. While this is happening, AI is also making jobs irrelevant, creating ethical conundrums on the battlefield, and provoking questions about the very nature and value of work. Ready or not, the age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us.

Join the MindshareLA community for an eclectic evening featuring talks by visionary pioneers exploring the world of AI and machine learning. In addition to the talks there will be the usual well-stocked bar, delicious food, delightful performances, and marvelous magic for which MindshareLA is known.

There will be a full bar, light snacks as well as veggie and non-veggie plates available.



Gaia Dempsey  / Founder, 7th Future

Gaia Dempsey / Founder, 7th Future

Ross Mead  / Founder & CEO, Semio  Vice President, AI LA

Ross Mead / Founder & CEO, Semio

Vice President, AI LA


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Since 2006 MindshareLA has been a mecca for thousands of designers, technologists, media professionals, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other forward-facing citizens to meet, broaden their perspectives and expand their circle of connections. The evening events are centered around a curated program of short talks and feature lively musical acts and colorful performances.




Cross Campus’ network of Los Angeles coworking and office spaces allows professionals and creatives the workspace flexibility needed to focus as well as collaborate. Our shared office spaces are open, accessible environments where tech startups, digital media agencies, and freelance professionals from every industry can work together. We have locations in Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Pasadena, and South Bay.


AI LA is a community of today's most curious minds focused on tomorrow’s most challenging problems. We explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other frontier technologies, and the impacts they will have on humanity. We acknowledge that AI is influenced by both art and science, and that human concerns outweigh technological ones.




Thanks to THE MINDSHARELA Connectors

Donna Mandosa, Travis Cannell, Barrett Reiff-Morse, Brent Bushnell, Eric “Helix” Wolfson

The MindshareLA Connectors are a group of individuals that pledge extra support to the event. Each month we host a dinner for the Connectors, Presenters and other special guests.

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